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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

2012 Inductees

Francis and Freddie Northern - Francis & Freddie Northern most notably called ‘Fran’ and “Coach” have been active volunteers for MYFA for more than twenty years. They have been active with the players on field as well as behind the scenes as board members and support staff. Without their valuable contribution to MYFA, game days would not run near as smoothly as they do today.
Freddie first started as an assistant coach with the Cowboys in the then senior division in 1977. Then in 1984 Freddie took over as the head coach of the Cowboys a position which he held for the next 18 years. While coaching, Freddie also served the Metro Youth Football Association by holding numerous board and committee positions. When the league started its seventh grade program, Freddie coached the J-hawks for four seasons before turning his attention to the J-Hawks Sophomore football program. When Freddie was voted into the present position as the Vice President of volunteer coordinator the board, members knew they were really getting two for the price of one. Francis and Freddie always can be found working as a pair supporting the many players and coaches of the MYFA programs.
Francis has never been just the typical stay at home mom. She has always been a willing participant in all of MYFA’s activities. She stepped up her involvement with the concession stand under the wing of the late John Pierce where she can still be found today. Francis continues to run the buses for the top candy sellers each year. She has also been honored for her volunteerism with the Jefferson Booster club in 2010. She is always willing to give her time and effort to better the program.
A Freddie coached team takes the field on the guiding principle of team work & loyalty. Even after twenty-eight years of service, many of the players can still hear Coach’s booming voice across the sideline. For he’s announcing items of interest over the loud speakers in the concession stand with Francis offering her wit and wisdom, along with snacks, to the many players. There are always words of encouragement from both and the desire to see all players give their all to the sport that they love. Freddie believe that commitment and loyalty to team-work comes went a player learns to study the game of football as well as being a good player.
Most recently Upper Iowa University, Division of Student Development honors Freddie Northern for his outstanding work ethic, service & dedication to promoting volunteerism.
"They are truly an inspiration to others!” Tom Mims long supporter of the Northern.