USA Football

Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the 2019 Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

2018 MYFA Approved Coaches
Posted Sep 4, 2018

The following coaches have completed the requirements to coach in the 2018 MYFA Tackle & Modified League. MYFA requires that coaches complete the following:
 • USA Level I Football Coaching Certification
 • Submit and Pass "Green Light" a  National Center for Safety Initiatives Background Check
 • Register as a Coach on the MYFA Web SIte
    -Sign (Digital) and Agree with the MYFA Coaches Conduct Statement (Posted on 1/2/18)

These requirements are offered to the coach at no charge. Information about this process and the steps were posted on January 1, 2018 at Head Coaches were also instructed on this process at the mandatory head coaches meeting held by MYFA in July and August.

If individuals are found coaching in MYFA without these requirements completed will receive a warning and guidance on how to complete the requirements. 2nd warning will result in mandatory removal from the program.

3rd Grade Coaches

Center Point/Urbana
 Head Coach: Matt Ditch
 Assistant Coaches: Jame Bursken, Roger Kaut

 Head Coach: Mark Ulrich
 Assistant Coaches: Scooter Franklin-Clark, Marc Davis, Robert Jackson

 Head Coach: Terry Stockert
 Assistant Coaches: Ed Anctil, Tom Kaut, Scott Strasburger 

 Head Coach: Andy Manternach
 Assistant Coaches: Brad Wegmann, John Morgan, John Zimmerman

 Head Coach: Nick Nielson
 Assistant Coaches: Eric Hoekstra, Doug Roling, Jim Hannah, Cory Hannen

 Head Coach: Brian Hay
 Assistant Coaches: Matt Foster, jIm Wood,  Greg Carson

 Head Coach: Amy Leroy
 Assistant Coaches: Nate Stoll

 Head Coach: Grant Wanninger
 Assistant Coaches: Keaton Wanniger, Gavin Alger, Dustin Beck

Head Coach: Adam Utley
 Assistant Coaches: Scott Bradley

 Head Coach: Jake Owens
 Assistant Coaches: Scott Ireland, Ben Hoover