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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

1999 Inductees

Robert Jones - A past president, officer, coach, fields manager and equipment manager, Bob has done it all. While his contributions to the league cannot be measured, it is most notably the current quality and condition of our equipment that will remain his legacy in our program. Weather it is reminding coaches to check the player's equipment or educating them in its proper fit, Bob has, and remains, uncompromising when it comes to the safety of your children. He is adamant in his drive to secure the best equipment for our youth program. His tireless commitment to this endeavor will still find him on his free days, up in the equipment facility working to ensure that the boys have safe, quality equipment to participate with. Bob has always worked behind the scenes and loathes any personal end-less work for the betterment of MYFA.

Tom Mims - A long-time coach for the Cowboys is a man of wisdom and wit. Tom’s personal knowledge and love of football runs as deep as his commitment to MYFA. Tom wears his affiliation to the program across his chest with pride. Tom is a big believer in the life-lessons that football and teamwork can provide. His style has made him an icon in the MYFA community. He believes in allowing the kids to make some of their own decisions, providing the boys not only leadership skills, but skills necessary in dealing with conflict. He always stresses the importance of team building that allows a boy to make mistakes.

This latitude also encourages the boys to take risks and to accept challenges both on and off the football field. Tom is also one of MYFA’s biggest boosters and promoters. For the last ten years, Tom has promoted the league almost single-handedly through his efforts to secure team sponsors and advertising dollars in our program. He has worked countless hours in promoting our candy sales, the fund-raising arm of MYFA that subsidizes your boy’s registration fee, to insure that the program is affordable to everyone. Thanks Tom for your past and continued dedication to the boys and MYFA. You have been instrumental in molding boys to be leaders of tomorrow by offering them a chance to change.

Randy Rempt - A past President, Officer and long-time coach of MYFA, Randy embodied the spirit and philosophy of the league. You could always tell a “Rempt” coached team by their efforts, actions and sportsmanship. Randy was and remains today, a role model for all MYFA coaches, a yardstick that we use to measure ourselves in our coaching endeavors. Every boy was important and made to feel that way. Randy was also a strong believer in the TEAM concept, that every one despite their individual skills were vital and contributing members. Randy’s teams were about learning the fundamentals of football, and more importantly, having FUN! His character is impeccable and his commitment to the league and to the boys themselves was without reproach. We are proud to welcome Randy Rempt into the MYFA Honor Roll.