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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

1998 Inductees

Jan Summers - Joe and Jan Summers began their involvement with MYFA slowly, providing their children -- the lifeblood of Metro Football. They entrusted the care and well being of their sons, as you do today, to the volunteers of the MYFA. In the late 1980’s Jan saw the work that was needed to organize and run the concession stand. Jan helped grow, the MYFA concession operation from a run down trailer, to the structure that exists today. The concession stand is an important revenue source for MYFA, keeping the participation fee affordable for all players, and Jan is largely responsible for it’s success. She volunteered then, and is still here today, despite the fact that their middle son, Jerry, and youngest son, Justin, played their last games in 1990! Jan and her husband Joe, made a family commitment to MYFA and it is their hope, that others would find similar fulfillment and satisfaction in the program.

Joe Summers - Joe was a long-time coach and familiar face in the MYFA. Joe was also the second Fields Manager for MYFA. While Jim Carnell developed the land, Joe was responsible for developing many of the structures that exist within the MYFA Sports Complex. For sixteen years, Joe donated much of his time and labor to the league. Joe did the jobs that needed doing and were typically the jobs that no one wanted to do. He erected the west fence line, built the two scoring towers and trenched in the utilities that make this complex work. He arranged for the local trade unions to donate their services that gave us the two- story equipment building and our current concession stand. What Joe could not salvage, scavenge or get donated, he would quietly provide on his own. Joe is a warm, personable man who dedicated himself to MYFA and your children. We have our current facilities because of his hard work and the donations that he secured.