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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

1995 Inductees

John Pierce - Another original founding member of the program, John has been around since the league’s inception. A friendly, familiar face to all, John has held many positions within the league and has worn “many hats” over the years. John served as the league’s first treasurer when it’s financial position was precarious at best. While John is an active member of the Executive Board, his best talent is working behind the scenes as an advisor, a respected role model and trusted friend. John is responsible for the MYFA Booster Club, a fund raising partner for MYFA. Without the Booster Club’s continued support, MYFA would not have survived and reached the level of success it enjoys today. Recently John was asked to lend his wisdom and guidance to a new MYFA endeavor when he was invited to serve on the newly established MYFA Scholarship Board. Over time the names and faces of MYFA have changed, John has been, and continues to be, the “glue” that holds MYFA together.

Cedar Rapids Jaycees - Organized Pee Wee Football, the forerunner of MYFA, in 1971. Their original goal then as now, was to “instill values of sportsmanship and participation over winning. The idea of tackle football for this age group was born in the face of controversy and opposition from the Linn County Medical Society and the Cedar Rapids School system and subsequent media attention. Despite the obstacles, the Jaycees persisted and the original six teams played their first games on September 26, 1971. Recognizing the need for year round attention to the program, the Jaycees gave their blessing and existing equipment to create the Metro Youth Football Association in 1974.

Darrel Berry - An original founding member of the program, Darrel Berry’s dream of tackle football, teamed with his dedication and drive to that ideal, became a reality in 1971. Darrel was a driving force behind the creation of the program and steered the organization through many early obstacles. As past president and current member of the Executive Board, Darrel ensures that the league remains true to its founding principles. The MYFA Sports Complex sits upon land donated to the league back in 1978, facilitated in no small part by Darrel. In the early years when funds were short, Darrel worked to see the boys were properly equipped and the league received everything it needed. Darrel’s favorite phrase, still quoted by coaches and board members alike, serves to remind us why we are here: “Remember, this program is for the boys.”

Jim Carnell - A long time member and supporter of MYFA, Jim has held many titles and positions within the league. As a past president and long time Executive Board member, Jim was a tireless worker and advocate for the league. In the early years, Jim was the “problem-solver” at a time when “problems” arose with regular frequency. A behind-the-scenes kind of guy, Jim’s impact and total hours of commitment to the program can never be measured. Jim was in charge of the fields for many years, serving as the first fields manager after the property was donated to MYFA. As the original fields manager, Jim had the task of laying out the fields and arranging for their original grading and seeding. The acquisition and installation of goal posts and flag pole were arranged, at no cost to the league, by Jim Carnell. Jim made sure we had water when he solicited the donation of a well and laid the underground supply lines. The original road into the complex (located to the south where condos now stand) was built largely to Jim’s efforts. He rarely received any thanks for his commitment, nor did he ever seek any. The time to say thank-you is long overdue. Congratulations Jim and welcome to the MYFA Honor Roll.