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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

Registration Guidelines

How are players assigned to teams for the Tackle Football Season? Players are assigned after the verification of the current elementary that they are enrolled in or have attended in the past. This elementary school remains a determining factor for the duration of the player’s involvement in MYFA. Players that move into a different elementary boundary or district will be moved to reflect that move. 

How are teams divided that have more than one team in a division? It has been a long-standing guideline that with districts that will field more than one team we separate teams by elementary school assignment. We do this for several reasons paramount is the ability to allow kids to play with their neighborhood (elementary school) friends. Once teams are created any kids registering after 08/01 are placed on the teams (elementary school specific) with the least amount of players as we try and balance out the teams evenly.

Can Players play up or down a grade? No, players are required to play in the grade that they are attending in the current school year.

What if a player is temporarily living in a different district (address) than the elementary they are attending? Can a player petition to become a free agent? No, players will be assigned to a team following the guidelines listed above.

What if a player is found to be using false or altered documentation during the verification process? Players maybe removed from the program by the MYFA board and no refund will be provided.