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Coaches Conduct Statement
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Coaches please check out the 2019 Coaches Conduct Statement. MYFA requires all coaches to sign this statements before being approved to coach!

MYFA 2019 Scholarships

MYFA Scholarships are determined by the MYFA Scholarship Committee and are awarded annually. This year MYFA is offering two different types of scholarships.

$1500, Legacy Scholarships will be awarded to 4 students graduating in the spring of 2019 that participated in the MYFA Tackle Program and are still participating in football at Varisty level. 

$1000 John Pierce Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one student graduating in the spring of 2019, this is for a student that participated in the MYFA tackle program and may or may not be playing football at the Varsity level.


Metro Youth Football Scholarship
PO Box 2171
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406