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Equipment Care


We at Metro Youth Football are dedicated to providing your child with the best equipment we possibly can. With this in mind remember that it is not possible to provide your child with all new equipment. At the beginning of each season you will find Equipment Manager, Jim Thompson, and his staff of volunteers at the MYFA Sports Complex fitting each player with some of the best equipment available. After your child is fitted with his equipment please give him at least 2 to 3 practices to become accustomed to the fit of the equipment, especially the helmet. This piece of equipment is the most important one he has. The helmet might feel as though it is too tight the first few times he uses it, please give him time to adjust to it. The helmet we are putting on your son will be fit to the best of our ability. There might be times when he just cannot adjust to the helmet, when this happens let the coach know and it will be exchanged. In addition, every player will receive a new pair of pants. In their new condition, they may need some time to stretch for a proper fit. At the parent meeting your coach will let you know when the times are available to exchange the equipment.

Please do not for any reason alter this equipment. If there is something wrong with it or it needs repair, please let your coach know and it will be replaced. The items issued to your child are property of Metro Youth Football and alteration will void the protection value of the item. If any of the equipment issued is lost you will be charged a small fee for the replacement item. This will be refunded when the lost item is returned. Please do not purchase a replacement item, as it may not meet NOCSAE standards.

Your assistance with the equipment is greatly appreciated. To this end a couple of hints: when you wash the pants and game jersey, please wash separately and use only non-chlorine bleach. Also do not use soap that has a whitener in it. The pants can be washed a couple of times a week. Before washing let them soak overnight in a solution of 4-to-1 non-chlorine bleach. These hints were given to us from the commercial laundry that does the uniforms for us at the end of the season. If you will use these suggestions it will help the pants and jerseys last longer and help keep our fee as low as we can make it.

The last item is the sale of the game jerseys. In the past we have encountered some problems with this. Starting this year if your child would like to buy their jersey (or anyone else's, after they have first choice) it must be paid for by the fifth game. If this is not possible please try and make arrangements with your teams coach. Otherwise it must be turned in with the rest of the equipment at the end of the season.

FOR BEST RESULTS - Wash jerseys in cold water BEFORE they are worn to set the dyes

Launder uniforms immediately after they have been worn

Do not allow perspiration soaked garments to lie in a pile or rest on top of each other. This greatly increases the risk of dye/color migration and mold/mildew stains.

Garments that can not be laundered immediately should be hung individually on rust proof hangers (wood or plastic).


All Metro Youth Football players are issued the following equipment. (Please remember that you are responsible for lost or damaged equipment, and that replacement cost could be as much as $400.)

Helmet (1)
Shoulder pads (1 set)
Mouthpiece (1)
Game Jersey (1) The game jersey may be purchased for:

$45.00 for 4th, 5th & 6th Grade
$55.00 for 7th & 8th Grade

Integrated Football Pants (1pair) - Pants become the property of the player.


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